About Us

Company Profile

FUNCENT CONCEPT LIMITED is as an integrated freight forwarding firm ,offering excellent solutions to freight and cargo handling requirements ,through a network of internationally renowned cargo strategic partners, sparring the entire globe.

FUNCENT CONCEPT LIMITED , a vibrant and experienced air/sea freight custom broker , reputable for optimum guarantee of quality service and “O” down time delivery of consignments. Our core specialty is providing “TOP OF THE RANGE” -cargo consolidation services via air/sea freight, -specifically in the field of door to door, domestic - customs management - inland distribution -warehousing.

We created a niche in the industry with proven pedigree coupled with seasoned professionals equipped with cognate experience in freight forwarding ,ensures cost effectiveness, speedy clearance, on time perfection of documentations, safe and on time delivery of consignments.

Our Mission

To provide a cost effective, tailor made service solution.
-Being an expert in logistics and supply chain
-Being a reliable partner and growing with partner.
-Having a dynamic team and professional working environment.
-Delivering responsive solution, excellent service with continue improvement and innovation.

Our Vision

To be a one stop supply chain channel, creating a unique customer's experience, we are more than a logistics service provider to continues developing our logistics and trading service to guarantee customer a reliable, transparent cost effective solution. 24/7dedicated logistics experts are committed to know your business . Stress free service once we commit the work will treat like our own voice..

Expanding Goal

To improve logistics efficiencies, consider having the vendor perform value-added services such as packaging, marking, and quality inspections. This improves the chance of errors being caught at the source; source-based services speed product flow through the warehouse.



Delivered Packages

360 tons of cargo


KM Per Year

360 tons of cargo


Years of Experience

Twelve(12) years.


Happy Clients

We endeavor to establish a return business or come back relationship with our clients by consistently making them have a feel of fufilment and satisfaction in every transaction.


Tons of Goods

We facilitate an average of 30 tons of cargo per month